TNEA 2017 First Graduate Application Form | 1st Graduate Scholarship

What is First Graduate Certificate?

The FGC or First Graduate Certificate is a governmental issue in the state Tamil Nadu which has been implemented for all those higher education aspiring students who are actually the first pupil from their family going to pursue a graduation program in any respective fields. This is a very pleasant system which benefits the state citizens in several ways and makes their way easier to get the graduation. There are certain limitations but superior benefits associated with this program which makes the aspirants eager to get that certificate.

First Graduate Certificate Online Application:

The First Graduate Certificate program affiliation is applicable online which needs to fill out the FGC Online Application Form from the associated website with considering all the requirements. Applying for the FGC application form is not that easy because it asks for a plenty of technical formalities which get approved by genuine documentation. All the details about you and your family are required to fulfill the governmental documentation and after submitting those people can easily be redirected to the form filling procedure and approval.

TNEA 2017 First Graduate Scholarship Form
TNEA 2017 First Graduate Scholarship Form

Easy Tips to Find Best Engineering Colleges in Tamilnadu

The Tamil Nadu government has come up with a very fine program which gives a helping hand to the first graduate of each family and especially economically week people will get a relief from the huge charges of higher education. There are also some limitations for the courses selection because the pupil must have to apply for a valid course for his/her graduation which is implemented under the system of FGC. In this case, maximum of the medical degree and engineering courses are well applicable, and some general graduation courses might also associate. But the self-financing courses like management and all are not considerable for FGC attributes.

How to Get First Graduate Application Form:

In the web, there are plenty of web link options streaming, but all of the websites are not genuinely connecting you with the application form and its attributes. Here we shared the link of the PDF form, which you can easily visit, give it a look, and by downloading it, you can go for further processing.

This form must be filled with care with considering all your original and true details because fake statements will be disputed in your application form and it will make a plenty of trouble to get the governmental benefits. People who are eager for better confirmation in terms of documentation and other declaration they can also visit these websites.

TNEA 2017 First Graduate Scholarship Form

First Graduate Fee Concession Details 2017:

Not only in the fee concession, are aspirants who are applying for the FGC and getting approved by the government they also getting some minor benefits which are also pleasant for the students.

In terms of stating the government issued scholarly system under FGC the monetary benefit is different for the different education program. Students from the medical background pursuing MBBS will get an amount around 1, 25,000 INR and in respective of FGC, this is the highest concession. For BDS, the government is going with 40,000 INR & pupils who are willing to stream with the education programs like Natural Medicine, B.Y.T, B.P.T, they will be getting around 16000 INR to 18000 INR which is the lowest. And an average amount of 20,000 INR is implementable for the Engineering, Homeopathy, Nursing students.

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