How to Find Best Engineering Colleges in Tamil Nadu for TNEA 2017

All the engineering aspirants out there always face a very confusing question while getting admission in any Engineering college, that is, “which college is the best one to pursue my B-Tech/BE graduation!” Really, that’s a huge concern, and this decision must be taken quickly that you don’t miss out the opportunity of getting into the best college. But truly, this is a very critical equation to evaluate! In fact, there is no a perfect answer for this query, digging and researching on the shortlisted colleges is the only track to get the way in. But while evaluating all the objectives and features of the chosen college, you might get a great glimpse which will make you aware of your perfect choice.

Here in the article, we mentioned some vital key points, which are undoubtedly necessary to be available in the best engineering college. By judging these underlying aspects, your way thoughts will become more compatible to find out the preferable destination.

How to Find an Undisputed College for Engineering in Tamil Nadu/India

Tips to Find Best Engineering Colleges in TNEA 2017
Tips to Find Best Engineering Colleges in TNEA 2017

The first and most important thing which must be noted, i.e.; pupils must visit the college for once, which option they are fixing in mind. Without a certain detailed visiting to the college, don’t ever dare to step into in. Now check these key points to assure your preference.

Major Judgmental Aspects for Top BE BTech Colleges for TNEA 2017:

Go Through The Infrastructure:

While fixing your college, certainly give it a visit. See that the infrastructure of the college is detailed or not. Understand the theory, like we not saying you to choose a luxury one, but if it is a developed institution then the infrastructure of the college will look so strong and neat & clean. If you see the government colleges in India, they don’t provide highly decorated rooms to the pupils, but what they provide that’s totally strong and well detailed to meet all the facilities. So check out for the attributes, like what to be included in an engineering college building, and then judge it.

The Inside Environment & Culture:

A good college must be consistent with its strictness and restrictions. It will also contain decent quality students who will actually belong good school backgrounds or even have better mental stability; so while fixing your choice, you better go to the college one or more times and talk to the students to understand  core situation of the college and you can also discuss with their alumni to get a better scenario. Remind, in Tamil Nadu or anywhere in India there are a lot of fraudulent colleges, and you can also see how a major amount of institutions are very much down with drugs, if you seeing that you are going to step into such an atmosphere where it has been covered with the druggists then better to step back from it.

Decent Educational Environment:

This is a vital point to judge, but to be so true a good college will consist with a better educational environment which gradually comes from their students, and for achieving that environment you must have to go to a branded name. People actually go to IIT, NIT for engineering for such reasons also, because a majority of meritorious and mentally well-stabilized students get founded there. This just creates an influence which can lead you till the end and make great results.

Use of Latest/Upgraded Technology:

Colleges now days making the students efficient about the digital perspectives also; institutions are coming up with quality technologies to teach students the fast and supreme education. In the engineering colleges in Tami Nadu or anywhere in India, you will see they are taking classes with projectors, digital boards, computers and all. For judging, you can easily go through the college prospectus and discuss with the streaming students for better information.


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Academic Reputation of The Institute:

As we know, there are plenty of institutions available in cities, but in terms of the academic quality maximum of them are truly dumb. A high academic college will consist a strong backbone, finest range of faculty, high level of entrances for getting admitted in their institutions and no any bad records. You can also judge it through the original academic awards winners, prestigious honors, and etc. The institute must have a supreme reputation inside and even outside the state or country as well.


A good institution comes with lots of facilities and programs. If you are outside from Tamil Nadu, and getting admission over a Tamil Nadu engineering college, better see all the migrating facilities available in the college. All are not possible to discuss, but a better digging will give you better results.

Accreditation/Approval/Autonomous System of The College:

How to Find Best BE BTech Colleges in TNEA 2017
How to Find Best BE BTech Colleges in TNEA 2017

Today’s students are aware that while you are going to step forward in any engineering institution, whatever its private or autonomous, its require checking that the institute is actually approved by the government, recognized boards and  certified by AICTE as well have other accreditations or not. This is a very heartbreaking fact, that whatever in Tamil Nadu or in India, there a number of institutions not even provide the degree certificate to the pupil, because it doesn’t have the credit, this is a fraud one. So aspirants who don’t want to get in trapped, must inform & cross check all the accreditations and previous history of the institute and also that it’s certified by the Tamil Nadu government or not.

Training System & Faculty:

Training system is the vital issue in engineering college. Highly equipped training rooms, super quality of faculty to answer all the queries, specialized teachers for specialized streams, and etc are important to pursue premium engineering. Try to research on that college training faculty abilities & training scenarios as well.

Number of Students:

When you are going to get admission into any private institution, it’s better to check the number of students available in that respective stream and also check the previous year status, that will help you to get the condition of that stream in that respective college. This is not an intelligent fact that a huge crowd concerns a genuine quality, but to some extent, the risk becomes lesser. But still be so wise to judge the potentiality of the institute.

Placement Records:

This is the last point of very vital ones! A good engineering college with super reputation must have at least 20 to 30 kinds of company link ups to make their students careers. While completing the engineering in respective trades, the college must provide a pleasant opportunity to all the students that they can snatch their job from a good company. Focus on the placement records of the colleges in Tamil Nadu/India before getting the admission. If you are finding it relevant enough for you then go for it.

Minor Judgmental Aspects for Better Assistance in College Selection

Best Engineering College Finding Tips
Best Engineering College Finding Tips

The Subordinate Stuff Quality This is the team who easily mix up with anyone, so for better assistance, you can consult or just gossip with them.

Hostel & Canteen For hostel & canteen pupil, you better visit it once to check if its decorated properly and comfortable for you. This is not that hard to judge and that’s eye catchy also.

Engineering Events/Programs/Seminars It’s also better to select a college which occasionally organizes quality events to provide better lessons to the aspiring engineers, these things strengthens your motivation to achieve your goals.

So these above were the very important and necessary points to select a best engineering college in TNEA 2017 Anna University Counselling, Tamil Nadu or anywhere in India. So best of luck with your searching and we hope you will get the best one.

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    will the seats filled become vacant after medical admission?
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    It seems accreditation hardly matters during admission. Colleges which have courses accredited are still vacant. Others getting filled up. why is this?


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