Top Engineering Colleges for Sports Persons through TNEA 2017

Since decades it has been shown that a great patriotism towards the country has been represented by the Tamilians throughout the way of sports. People in Tamil Nadu are pretty much interested and appraisable to sports & athletes, there also lots of successful names in our national sports which are highly integrated with the southern region. As like today’s young aspirants in Tamil Nadu are also pretty much fond of their sports platforms, and for pursuing a great career in sports and education, this is very important for them to select the utmost and undisputed institute. We are here to discuss detailed notes on Top Colleges for Sports Persons in Tamil Nadu through TNEA 2017.

top sports engineering colleges for tnea 2017
top sports engineering colleges for tnea 2017

Tamil Nadu has always been abbreviated for better quality education and sports in their mainstream activities. Streaming with the ultimate sports in their college life, while perusing a career in engineering is really a great achievement for our youth, but finding the colleges where sports are given the same priorities as well as the studies, this will be difficult to shortlist the options! This is critical to clear all the queries of the candidate throughout a short article, but representing some finest choices of sports colleges can help them with some specific ways which will remain worth full during the time of selection.

Here we enlisted some top choices of engineering colleges where sports activities are highly appreciable. Have a look at the enlisted items; we hope you will find this content relevant to your goals. 

The J.J College of Engineering & Technology:

JJCET is a well-known engineering college as well as a research institute situated in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, which is well integrated with sports activities besides the studies. This is a part of Anna University and always conducts high valued physical activities. JJ provides specified centers in their campus for conducting fully fledged sports activities among the willing students. Having very good sports fields, this also generates Basket Ball, Tennis, Cricket, Kabaddi kind all outdoor games easily. Besides the general sports activities among the students, JJCET is also famous for conducting quality sports events with inviting various well-known athletes.

GKM College of Engineering & Technology:

Sports play an important role in GKM, this is located in the New Perungalathur, Tamil Nadu and highly preferable for the sports persons. GKM is an ISO certified institute and was established in 1996. Games like football, cricket, basketball, tennis all are well available in GKM, and it even provides coaches for these outdoor games. The sportsman of GKM also represents their college in the district and zonal levels, and there are numerous sports achievement awards in this college which get conducted occasionally. Other supplementary activities like athletics events and various programs on mainstream sports seasonally get arranged in GKM.

The Government College of Engineering, Salem:

This college in located in Salem, Tamil Nadu and established in 1966. The Government College of Engineering is highly known for providing quality Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering education since it is also a great spot for continuing with sports as a student. It also has specified department stuff for sports. Under their physical education block, you can found 1 football ground, 2 hockey grounds, 1 tennis court, 2 cricket fields, even they have courts for shuttle badminton and 1 track for 400M track race. Besides these, you will also find the activities like kabaddi, volleyball and etc. GCE also takes care on their college sports by providing coaches to their students and arranging notable sportsman presence in the event issues.

Sports – Arunai Engineering College:

Among all the engineering sports colleges in Tamil Nadu, Arunai always assures its aspirants the utmost quality of sports orientation. Providing quality sports facilities inside the campus and taking parts in lots of district and state level sports activities makes the sportsman of Arunai more comfortable to being in this field. The TIES or Tamil Nadu Inter-Engineering Sports get attended by several good sports colleges and among them Arunai in another one. Organizing useful events inviting popular sportsman & generating high time sports orientations are common in this engineering institute.

Sriram Polytechnic College:

This is a polytechnic or diploma engineering college which always plays a vital role in polishing the student’s sports skills. SPC believes in promoting their sports activities at a national level that’s why they always try to make each individual with sound knowledge, body, soul and physically and mentally healthy. They provide sufficient space for training and sports like basketball, cricket, volleyball, Kabaddi and etc., while providing specified coaches. SPC is highly popular for taking part in IPAA which is Inter Polytechnic Athletic Association. Their participation and decent performance in the IPAA years like 2012-2013, to 2015-2016 made this college more prominent towards the sports activities in engineering college.

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